Composing/Arranging Frequenly Asked Questions

Can I get a sample scores or audio files for review?

Yes, I can provide sample audio recordings for each of my arrangements (that aren't available here on my site) as well as sample scores.

How do you provide your completed arrangements?

I provide all of my arrangements via email, in PDF form. Each arrangement includes a full score and each individual part for your students. Additionally, I provide MP3 recordings of each piece and can also provide supplemental reference recordings such as full-score w/ click track, full-score w/o instrument section or even click track w/ instrument section. Further, I use the Finale Notation software exclusively and can provide these (or XML) files to either your drill or battery percussion writer.

Do your arrangements include battery percussion parts?

Battery percussion parts are not included in my arrangements or the price quoted to you. I can, however, provide front ensemble and auxiliary percussion parts if needed.

If you are interested in a previously written show, in most cases, battery percussion parts are available for your immediate purchase. In the event that you require new battery percussion parts, I have worked extensively with many talented percussion writers and, if needed, can refer you to them for their writing services.

Are revisions included in your price?

Yes, revisions are included in the price. I understand that the creative process in designing a marching band show is fluid in nature and I am committed to ensuring that you are extremely satisfied with the final product by revising my arrangements to fit your needs. That said, additional charges could be incurred if you decide to change the artistic direction of the piece after it has been arranged or wish to have large sections of the piece repeatedly rewritten. This is extremely rare and is usually avoided by communicating clearly your goals and any specific criteria you may have for the arrangements.

If we choose to purchase one of your available shows, will you make revisions if requested?

Yes, I am happy to make revisions to my previous arrangements to fit your group AND, the best news is, minor adjustments are usually free-of-charge. If you would like to make large-scale revisions to the arrangements, then additional fees will be required.

How does the payment process work and when is money due?

The payment process is broken into 2 installments. The first installment, equal to the first arrangement in the show when divided evenly, is due within 30 days of the return of the contract to myself. For new clients, work will not begin until the contract and 1st installment has been received.

The 2nd installment is due 30 days after you receive the final product. If needed, I can be flexible with the payment time-line if special considerations are warranted.

Do you handle obtaining copyrights/Do we need to obtain copyright permissions to use material you've already arranged?

No, unfortunately, I do not assist with obtaining copyright permissions, and, to be clear, copyright permissions are required for all marching band arrangements based upon source material not in public domain. If you are interested in purchasing original music composed by me, then these copyright restrictions do not apply and no additional fee is required.

The Bands of America - Music For All website serves as an invaluable resource if you require assistance or have further questions about obtaining copyright permssions.

How can I request a quote for a new show or arrangement or contact you to learn more?

Great question! Click here and submit my online form to get started!